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Resistance Bands and Exercise Balls are fantastic pieces of exercise equipment that enable you to become fitter, stronger and most importantly, healthier.

With these two simple items, you can create a hugely varied and effective exercise program without leaving the comfort of your home. They are also lightweight and small enough to pack when travelling on holiday or business. We have continued our training in many hotel rooms, both home and abroad.

To get you started, download the following FREE ebooks, with our compliments.

The Core Fitness Zone Team

Core Fitness Zone Band and Foam Roller Exercises
Lose Weight and Get Fit the Healthy and Simple Way with some Bands and Foam Roller. 


Balanced, Full Body, Restance Band Home Workout

Taken from our free ebook, Core Fitness Zone Resistance Band Exercises, here is a balanced workout using Resistance Bands working all of the major muscle groups of the body 


Using the Attachments

Below is a short video showing how to fit and use the attachments that are supplied with the Core Fitness Zone Resistance Band Set